Litherland Practice

Litherland Town Hall Health Centre, Hatton Hill Road, Litherland L21 9JN
0151 475 4840

About Litherland Practice

Hello and welcome to Litherland Practice, new and updated website. At Litherland practice, our key objective is to provide a safe, high-quality service that meets all of our patients and their carers needs. We have tried to make our new website as easily accessible for all patients to useful information such as booking an online appointment, ordering repeat prescriptions and patient access. You can also access our opening hours, our different clinics we offer to patients and what to do in a medical emergency.

Statement of Intent 

Patient Information – Contractual Changes

Practices are now required to inform patients of their plans to enable the implementation of:

· Enabling automated uploads to the Summary Care Record

· Utilisation of GP2GP, electronic transfer of medical records

· Enabling patients to view their records online.

The date provided by HSCIC for automated uploads to the Summary Care Record for this practice is September 2014.

Information regarding Summary Care Record is available from reception together with opt-out forms.

The practice will continue to utilise GP2GP, this system enables new patients records to be transferred electronically from their old practice to their new practice, it is a safe, secure way and faster way to transfer information entirely from one practice to another.

Patients who are signed up to request repeat medication online will now also be able to view some of their medical records online, Medications, Allergies/Adverse Reactions and Immunisations. This facility will be going live during September 2014. If you wish to have access to online services please ask at reception.